Information for Visitors

About our hospital

The atmosphere at Delmar is enhanced by its leafy residential outlook and restful decor. For your stay at Delmar, you have a choice of:
  • Private room with ensuite and TV
  • Private room with shared ensuite and TV
  • Private room with TV
  • Shared room (2 beds) with TV
In addition to this, all beds have telephones beside them. A wellness program is available to all patients.


We cannot accept responsibility for valuables brought to the hospital and recommend that these be left at home.

Health Insurance

Delmar Private Hospital has agreements with most major health insurance funds.

Discharge from Hospital

Where possible, we ask that patients complete their discharge by 11am. Prior to leaving, please call the front office to complete any final documentation and finalise the balance of your account.


We will endeavour to give you a full estimate of charges applicable to your hospitalisation. (We accept cheque, bankcard, MasterCard and visa)