Inpatient Rehabilitation

The aim of the Inpatient Rehabilitation unit is to enable you the patient to achieve a high level of independence and safety in carrying out normal daily activities.

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is designed to cater for:

Orthopaedic conditions, Neurological conditions, Spinal conditions and general reconditioning.

Our Inpatient Program

Each patient is assessed initially by the Rehabilitation consultant, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and specialist rehabilitation nursing staff. An individual excercise program is devised, in consultaion with the patient and family, depending on the initial assessment and the treatment goals. Patients spend the day undertaking various therapies to maximise results of the inpatient rehabilitation program.

Weekly case conferences form part of the rehabilitation program. Treatment progress is reviewed by the multi-disciplinary team and ongoing plans are discussed and implemented. The patient and family are an integral part of the planning and are involved in all aspects of treatment and discharge to enable a successful return home.