Patient Safety and Quality

President Private Hospital actively strives to uphold standards of excellence in our health care service delivery and seeks to continually improve upon them. We are committed to ensuring the safety of patients staff and visitors through minimising risks, and

As an accredited hospital, we believe that;

  • Patients and carers have an important role to play in the safe delivery of health care.
    • We endeavour to involve patients and carers to participate in decision making regarding their own health and treatment.
    • Consumer feedback and complaints are seen as opportunities for us to improve our services and are managed in a timely manner.
    • We embrace an open disclosure policy between clinicians and consumers when things don't go according to plan.


  • The clinical workforce is vital to the delivery of safe and high quality health care. System improvements can be implemented as we involve clinical staff in ongoing education programs specifically relevant to the areas that they are responsible for. Competency, scope of practice and credentialling are regularly checked.


  • The non-clinical workforce is also important to the delivery of quality health care. Health and Safety training is provided to ensure the minimisation of potential risks of infection in food handling, cleaning, laundering and use of equipment.


  • Clinical Governance measures are in place ensures that Health care is planned and performance reviewed regularly with external oversight.

At President Private we also regularly monitor Clinical Risk Management to minimise the potential risk from preventable harm. A culture of reporting Accidents and Incidents, risks and suggestions for improvements is actively encouraged.

We have a strong focus on areas such as

  • Preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections
  • Medication Safety
  • Preventing and managing pressure injuries
  • Falls prevention

 Our performance to date:

The following table provides an example of our recent performance


Patient Safety & Quality Indicators Hospital Performance
(Jan - June 2013)
Industry Benchmark
Accreditation  yes  
Infection Rate (per 10,000 bed days)
(Staph Aureus bacteraemia)
 0.02%  2
Hand Hygiene    70%
Patient Falls (requiring intervention)  0.2%  0.096%
Unplanned return to theatre  0.04%  0.310%
Unplanned readmission to hospital within 28 days  0  1.100%
Medication Safety Errors    0.010%
Patients developing pressure injuries whilst in hospital    0.082%