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Coming to Inpatient Rehabilitation at Manly Waters


To arrange admission to the Rehabilitation Unit at Manly Waters Private Hospital, your doctor will need to contact the Ward Manger.

Please feel comfortable to contact our Rehabilitation Co-ordinator at any time, either before or during your admission.


Once you have been assessed by our rehabilitation specialist and therapists, an individual programme is designed to suite your needs.

Progress Reports

Weekly team meeting are part of the programme. At these meetings progress reports and future goals are discussed.

Family Involvement

Your family and carers may be invited to attend a family conference to ensure an easy and successful return home.

Continuing Care

Your local General Practitioner is invited to continue playing a part in your care in conjunction with the Rehabilitation Specialist, during the time you are in the Rehabilitation Unit.


You will be discharged when you reach your potential or no longer require nursing care and are able to care for yourself. If you require care at home, such as meals, personal care nursing or further therapy, this will be arranged prior to your discharge.


If you require further rehabilitation treatment you will be referred to one of our day programs.

What to Bring

You need to bring the following items with you when you check into Manly Waters:


  • A Positive attitude and the motivation to achieve your goals!
  • Health Fund Book
  • Private X-rays
  • Current Medications
  • Pension / Repatriation Card
  • Medicare Card
  • Pharmacy Entitlement Card


  • Personal toiletries
  • Reading / writing material
  • Nightwear, slippers, robe
  • Comfortable clothing for daywear, including shoes

Visiting Hours

Rehabilitation visiting hours : 3pm - 8pm Daily
Palliative Care visiting hours : Unlimited

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones cannot be used in the hospital due to interference with medical equipment.

Public Transport

Bus Route 135 from Manly Wharf to Manly District Hospital has a stop at the corner of Cove Avenue, just along from Manly Waters Private Hospital.

Lift Access

The lift is located on street level. Please go to the Reception office on the Ground Floor to be directed to Admissions.

Further Information

For further information at Manly Waters Private Hospital phone (02) 9977 9977 or email: