Pain Management

Pain Management – What is it?

Pain Management involves a team approach to a patient in pain. At Delmar Wellness Centre, we have a dedicated team of professionals whose aim is to minimise an individual’s pain and maximise their level of activity.

What is done by the multi-disciplinary team at Delmar?

  • Assess the individual’s needs
  • Define the pain
  • Determine the cause
  • Review past and current therapies
  • Outline a plan of action that includes
    • patient education
    • adjustment of current therapies
    • physical reconditioning
    • psychological support

In cases of chronic pain, even when a physical cause is removed, the pain may remain. For example, in the case of long-standing “slipped”/prolapsed disc between segments of the backbone, surgical correction may not always get rid of the pain. The perception of pain has become a constant. This is called “wind up” and it occurs at the level of the spinal cord.

To calm this kind of pain requires a dampening down of the memory for pain. To do this, it is necessary to keep a constant lid on the pain messages. At the same time, it is important to get active. Appropriate activities such as aqua-physiotherapy and gentle exercise are a necessary part of the rehabilitation program for patients with pain.

The Goals of Pain Management

  1. Simplification and minimisation of medications;
  2. Help the patient and their significant others to understand their pain in the context of their life, e.g. exacerbating factors;
  3. Increase mobilisation and functional ability.

The Delmar Pain Management Program

The Delmar Wellness Centre provides a patient centred, multidisciplinary team approach to Pain Management. We focus on integrating the assessment and treatment of both chronic and acute pain. Once assessed, an individual treatment program is designed to suit the patient’s needs. The Delmar Wellness Centre understands that everyone’s pain experience is personal and unique. We work with each individual patient to achieve the above goals. Who can benefit from the Delmar Wellness Centre?
The Delmar Wellness Centre can help patients manage their pain whether it is:

  • acute pain (intense, but of relatively short duration), or
  • chronic pain (that has lasted for months).

What you need to do…

  • Make an appointment to see our Pain Management Consultant by ringing 9982 7655 (no referral needed).
  • Our Pain Consultant will assess your individual needs and will recommend a course of action that may involve physical and emotional assessment with a view to your rehabilitation. This patient centred approach is intended to maximise your abilities and minimise the disabilities.
  • Referrals to our Hydrotherapy Pool for Aquatic Physiotherapy are possible after an initial physical assessment.

The Team Approach

The patient and the team will mutually agree upon a timetable to accomplish the goals of Pain Management. Ongoing appointments will be made to suit the individual. Weekly team meetings are part of the program. It is at these meetings that the patient’s progress is discussed and future goals are set.

Continuing Care

The Delmar Wellness Centre believes that it’s important that your family doctor and/or Specialist is kept informed about your treatment.