The Rehabilitation Team

About the Rehabilitation Team

Rehabilitation consists of a team of professionals working with you and your family to reduce the impact of your injury, illness or disability. Your and your family are part of our team. We work with you to help reach your maximum potential and level of independence.


Rehabilitation Specialist

A rehabilitation specialist is a qualified medical practitioner who has been specifically trained in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine. Your rehabilitation will be under the direction of our rehabilitation specialist who, following your initial assessment, will coordinate the team to implement a program to suit your needs.

Our Specialists

Dr Faux
Dr Fulop


Our physiotherapists will assess your physical ability after which a treatment program will be designed to meet your needs. This may involve a general exercise program and/or specific interventions, depending on your condition. Physiotherapy may be continued on an outpatient basis if required.

Occupational Therapist

Our occupational therapist will help you become as independent as possible in your everyday activities. An individual therapy program is developed to maximise your function at home and in the community. To allow you to function more independently, after you leave the hospital, the occupational therapist will visit your home to assess what aids could be installed and will work together with you and your family and/or carer.

Social Worker

Our social worker is available to you when you are admitted to the Rehabilitation Unit. She can help you with any concerns and difficulties regarding your rehabilitation, providing a comprehensive Counseling service for you and your family/carer. The social worker can also provide information and referrals to the various community services available and liaise with other members of the Rehabilitation Team on behalf of you and your family.

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist is available to help you with problems associated with your illness and disability. This could include assisting you in coping with it or any related emotional difficulties e.g. anxiety or depression. The clinical psychologist can also assess in more depth possible after effects of strokes, head injuries or other conditions.

Speech Pathologist

A Speech Pathologist (Speech Therapist) is available to help you if communication problems arise as a result of your illness. Speech Pathologists work with people who find it hard to understand or to use spoken or written words. They also help people with difficulties pronouncing sounds in words, swallowing, stuttering, voice disorders and hearing problems.

Rehabilitation Nurses

The nurses attached to our unit have special expertise in the Rehabilitation field. They reinforce and compliment your therapy program to maximise improvement. The Rehabilitation Manager will answer any further inquiries.


Our Dietitian is specially trained in the field of nutrition and dietary modification.

More Information

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