Dr O'keefe

Dr Paul O’Keeffe  - Rhinoplasty, Breast and Facial Plastic Surgeon


Dr Paul O’Keeffe is a graduate of University of Sydney who did plastic surgery training in the UK before returning to take up posts at Royal North Shore Hospital and Manly District Hospital in the 1970’s.  He consults in his rooms in Brookvale and North Shore Medical Centre, St Leonards. 

Dr O’Keeffe specialises in facial and breast surgery with a particular interest in rhinoplasty.  He has presented papers internationally on rhinoplasty and has been a regular contributor at Australian meetings.  He was awarded on three occasions for the best paper at Annual Scientific Meetings of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Nasal surgery innovations include Template Rhinoplasty – a precise variation of closed rhinoplasty that produces predictable and stable results and the Medpor Nasal Shell, an implant used for reconstruction of severe nasal deformity.  In consequence of this he is often asked to correct poor rhinoplasty results.

Dr O’Keeffe invented a special breast implant to cope with fibrous capsular contracture, a common complication seen when smooth implants were used.  Modern implants with a textured surface are less problematic so his previous implants are no longer necessary.

There are a number of different breast reduction techniques currently in use. 

Dr O’Keeffe prefers the Australian designed procedure known as inferior pedicle because it was designed to preserve blood vessels and nerves going to the nipple. 

He has modified the original operation by greatly shortening the scars.

Other procedures commonly done are eyelid reductions, facelifts, bat ear corrections and removal of skin cancers.

Dr O’Keeffe and his wife, Marilyn, are frequent world travellers.  The hardest thing is finding some place to go where they have not been before.  Travelling the French canals has been a favourite.



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Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Ex-President)

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